Alvaoliva: Aceite de oliva Virgen Extra

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your diet

· Not all oils are the same: The process of production and conservation of the olive oil will be crucial to have and maintain an oil property. Quick treatment, not fusty olives, based on healthy fruits, carried out at low temperature and good fats hygienic conditions will provoke a greater presence of natural antioxidants in the final product which will have intact its chemical structure. It is so important to know how to get the best fruit juice as the once managed to preserve intact maintaining their properties. In Oleícola Álvarez SL we have taken care of this process to get the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the very essence of our land.

· The fight against aging:The extra virgin olive oil has a protective effects against cellular oxidation and aging. Fatty acids in olive oil, which form part of the cell membranes of our tissues, being more rich in monounsaturated fatty will be more resistant to oxidation.

· The skeletal system: Olive oil has a relationship with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. The absorption of these two components in the bones is related to the amount and type of fat in the diet. Oleic acids, linoleic and linolenic olive oil stimulates calcium absorption in contrast to the saturated animal fats having the opposite effect. Therefore it impacts on growth and bone mineralization.

· Brain function: High intake of polyunsaturated fats found in seed oils in high concentration may impair certain brain functions. There is a correlation between intelligence level and the rate of introduction in the diet especially in aging. Brain function decreases when the linoleic acid contributes more than 2% of the calories and more than 0.5% linolenic acid. For proper acidic profile and the amount of antioxidants present in extra virgin olive oil does not have these problems and it is a beneficial oil in the diet of elderly people.

· Oil and Infants: Studies in lactating mothers, fed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, have shown that these produce lactating milk with optimal amounts of fatty acids. This will mean that all the above effects in relation to the presence of oleic acid and its relation to other fatty acids also occur in infants.

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